How do you clean your recording studio?

When I was starting college I worked at The Gap in Greenwich, Connecticut. For those who don’t know The Gap is a nation (world) wide clothing store and Greenwich is one of the richest towns in the United States. The president of the entire company lived in Greenwich and would come into our store. He would show up without any warning which meant our store had to be spotless at all times. My manager would actually make me take sticky tape, get on my hands and knees and use it to pull lint and dirt out of the carpet in the dressing rooms! I also spent countless hours cleaning the glass, steel racks and folding giant walls of jeans.

I guess the intense retail store boot camp has stuck with me because I like to keep my studio ultra clean. I’m on a permanent war with those dust bunnies that collect near electric wires. For the floors, windows and furniture I use the usual chemical infused products with stupid names. However, for the equipment and screens I only use warm water and a soft cloth. This seems to be the conventional wisdom for what’s best. I used to buy canned air but I realized it’s not worth the price. I don’t smoke so I can make my own dam wind.

One product I love is Goo Gone which nicely gets rid of any sticker residue. Hmm what else? Oh yeah if some jerk tags your mailbox or metal door with a Sharpie nail polish remover gets it right off!

What do you use? Do you have any tips?

photo credits: CraftyGoat and kerim