Photos from France and Spain

I finally had a chance to sort through and post some photos from last week’s live shows in Bordeaux, France and San Sebastian, Spain. Both shows were good but as expected the Spain show was really crazy. Those kids really know how to party! All I can say is their event went to 5PM the next afternoon. I left my jacket in the DJ booth and went back and enjoyed walking through the parking lot full of cars and vans with kids doing all sorts of subersive activities. It’s good to know life is going on somewhere! The next live show is in Rotterdam on December 29 at the infamous Herr Zimmerman party!

To see the full photosets click here: Bordeaux and Spain.

“The perfect night for an incredible and crazy 2012 Closing Party in Rotterdam, Factory 010! Herr Zimmerman’s Spanky Wanky Party!!! :-) Very Spezial Guest & Live act! – The Horrorist (New York, USA)” –

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France and Spain this Weekend

I will be performing in two of the nicest European cities this weekend Bordeaux and San Sebastian. Because of Hurricane Sandy I missed my show in Aachen on Wednesday but after some long waits on the phone I was able to rebook and fly out today to catch the weekend events! I will be playing some new material and I have a spiffy new insane outfit. I can’t wait to get on stage. I have a global MiFI so I think I will be able to post more than I usually do when I am abroad. If you want to keep up with my up to the minute nonsense be sure to follow my Twitter.

“Producteur New-Yorkais connu pour son style déviant et sans concession, c’est un véritable showman en live! Il est le créateur du label Things To Come Records et il aime se faire remixer par les fers de lance de l’electro musclée à la française comme The Hacker, David Carretta, Millimetric… et bien sûr… Stamba qui l’a remixé par deux fois et a sorti un maxi ou c’est le malsain Oliver qui s’est donné à l’exercice du remix ! Pour les accompagner dans cette descente aux enfers, 14anger : il allie la discipline steroidée de l’EBM et la folie extasiée de la rave en un mélange electro-techno qui avale l’énergie du dancefloor et la recrache en grandes giclées de sérotonine. La fin du monde en 2012 ? C’est le vendredi 2 novembre au Respublica!”

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