Behringer ADA8000

Even in the music business I learn something new every day. I always knew I could add more inputs to my old Motu 828 via the ADAT interface but I never really looked into exactly how to do it. In fact, it’s been something that’s been nagging me recently because I like many people are getting more and more back into hardware. In addition, with Ableton Live’s wonderful External Instrument device and routing it’s really easy to integrate hardware synths and even hardware effects units into your workflow. I looked at what RME was recommending. They said go for their ADI-8. The problem is that’s a $2600 unit. I posted over at Gearslutz and expected more expensive answers but low and behold it seems an old Behringer ADA8000 will do the trick easily. Maybe I am being captain obvious today but I am pleased. The ADA800 is about $200. Sound on Sound Magazine gave it a good review (link). So anyone using one of these? Or do you all recommend something else?

“In my own studio, I plan to use an ADA8000 to utilise the ADAT input port on my MOTU 828 interface, so that I can have access to more mic and line inputs over and above the existing analogue inputs. The tests I’ve done so far confirm that this works perfectly, with no fuss, provided that you remember to set the 828 to its ADAT optical sync mode.” – Sound on Sound

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