BandCamp adds physical sales

BandCamp is a one of the nicer services musicians can use to sell their music. A clean interface, great PayPal integration and stats are all on the table. They have just released an update to the service which allows you to sell physical merchandise along with your digital download. The new best feature is the inventory tracking. Say you have 100 records to sell each time someone buys one the number drops. What has my thinking is all the left over stock I have of old releases. Fifty here, ten there, I can see BandCamp a good place to sell these. You can see a BandCamp page I set up for Arrivers (the first release on my record label released in 1996) here:

“Starting today, you can sell both your physical merchandise and your digital music from Bandcamp, and better yet, you can sell them together. So, for example, you can easily create a vinyl, poster and download package, give your fans the digital files immediately, and then ship out their merchandise.” –

For more info:

Do you allow 30 second previews or full song play?


Here’s a choice I am running into that I need help making a decision for. When you post your commercial, for sale music online do you allow the full song to stream or only allow a 30 second preview? The large online music retailers such as iTunes and Amazon only allow 30 second previews. Do they know something about buying behavior? Does allowing just a short clip tantalize a listener so he wants to hear the rest of the song and clicks buy? Could it be iTunes and Amazon believe people will “rip” or record a full song stream even if just 128k quality?

Some websites like give you the choice. I had my music set for 30 sec play and I received the following comment:

“30 second clips? can we get anymore of a rip off thats like showing half of the picture you painted, but if you want to hear the rest youll have to buy it if people like you enough, they will buy your music stop being such a rip off” – mnmcandiez

After a little thought I switched my settings to full song play. Is that the right decision? I think everyone knows it’s easy to record any sound your computer makes. I also know my publisher Strengholt music group doesn’t approve. There are some sites such as Bandcamp who rely on people buying music in order for them to survive yet they only allow full streaming songs.

So what do you do? What are the pros and cons here?

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Bandcamp adds Download Codes to Moo cards.

Bandcamp Download Codes Screencast from Ethan Diamond on Vimeo.

Bandcamp added a great new feature to its service this week called Download Codes. It’s a great way for artists selling music on Bandcamp to offer freebies. To take the concept over the “Web 2.0” top they integrated Moo cards into the fold. I love Moo cards and Ethan from Bandcamp says this is one of the first integrations of the new Moo API. I like the idea of taking a Moo card with a Bandcamp promo code on it and then attaching it as a label on a T-Shirt your band could sell at a show.

Have any of you guys been using Bandcamp?

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Bandcamp and SoundCloud screencasts.

Bandcamp Screencast from Ethan Diamond on Vimeo.

Last week I mentioned to a friend that 1pixelout must have released a new audio player because I’ve been seeing huge versions of it around different sites. The 1pixelout audio player is the one you sometimes see on this site. Well it turns out these new players are coming from a new service called Bandcamp. Just watch the video above as it tells the story better than me typing it out. It’s clean, free, pretty and let’s you sell your music. I love it.

SoundCloud: The Tour from SoundCloud on Vimeo.

SoundCloud the Berlin based startup has enjoyed a great beta ramp up and launch. They have attracted a nice group of industry insiders and electronic musician to their site. The SoundCloud audio player which allows your to make comments along the waveform of your song is just plain awesome. However trouble may be brewing in die Hauptstadt (capital city) because they just released their pricing plan and it’s a doozy. They continue to offer a free service but the forums, tweets and blogs seem to think they are gouging.

You know what? I want a combination of these two services. Give me a way to sell my music in many formats. Give me a great audio player with comments along the timeline and a waveform view. I want a dropbox. I want widgets. It should be free with ads or $25 a year advert free. They can have a few percent of my music sales too. I’d like to be able embed all my music on my own site as a mini store and have complete control over the CSS.


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