6 steps to Sidechain the Auto Filter in Ableton Live 7.

Ableton Live 7 - Auto Filter Sidechain

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to make a bassline pump using Ableton Live 7 and the built-in Auto Filter plug-in.

Step one. Create an Audio or Midi channel and put a kick drum on it. Use an audio loop or any drum machine plug-in like Ableton Impulse or Native Instrument’s Battery. If your not using an audio loop then make a one bar pattern with four kick drums on it.

Step two. Create an Audio or Midi channel and put a bass sound on it. You can use a virtual instrument like Ableton Simpler or Fabfilter’s Twin or an audio loop. Make the clip loop and have your bass sound mostly solid without breaks in the volume.

Step three. Add the Ableton Auto Filter plug-in to the bass channel and click the small right facing arrow next to where the plug-in is titled “Auto Filter”. This opens the the Sidechain options.

Step four. Click where it says “Sidechain” to turn it on. Where it says “Audio from” click and from the drop down menu select the Kick Drum channel.

Step five. See the knob titled “Envelope”? Move that knob to the left until it reads approximately -75.

Step six. Staying inside Auto Filter plug-in you will now adjust the filter. Grabbing the yellow circle which controls the kHz and Q of the filter simultaneously and drag it to the left. As you drag you will start to hear the filter open and close.

Congratulations you are now Sidechaining in Ableton Live 7. Now you can further tweak the sound. Try moving the Release knob to the left. Try the high pass filter by clicking second button from the left under the filter grid display. Try using other sounds instead of the bass. The Ableton compressor and gate also have sidechain capabilties and the routing mechanism is the same.