Release your anger

“Venezuelan world lightweight boxing champion Edwin Valero committed suicide in his prison cell after being arrested for the murder of his wife” – He was 28 and in his 27 professional fights he knocked all his opponents out. So yes Edwin was full of rage. I think back to my late teens and early 20s and how very pissed off I was. I had my reasons for clenching my teeth most days. People that know me always comment how much I have changed as I got older. Basically I am a happy person today. I often think how close I came to knocking someone out myself. How much I really did want to let loose on people. What saved me from a meeting with the Police? Music making, songwriting, screaming my head off in the studio and sweating like a lunatic on stage. So today’s post is a thank you to music for how much it has helped me avoid a life like Edwin Valero’s. Keep music in schools people… it could save us all!

Is music making your therapy too?

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