cl516 Voyage

Thickening Up the Moog Voyager from Calvin Cardioid on Vimeo.

Calvin Cardiod from the cl516 blog plugs his Minimoog Voyager into a Macbeth Moroco and Malekko Barker B:assmaster.

“I don’t think the Voyager needs its tone altered in any way, it’s just that the mixer out jack makes it easy.” – cl516

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Vermona Lancet

The East Germans known as have some new hardware on the horizon. First a synthesizer called the Mono Lancet: 2x VCO (triangle, sawtooth, square / sawtooth, rectangle, noise), 24dB lowpass filter, ADSR, envelope generator (VCF, VCA, VCO), LFO (triangle, square, s/h), MIDI for 449 EURO. Next, the Kick Lancet based on the KICK channel of the DRM1 MKIII Waveshaper (sine -> square), FM, trigger inputs (switch, audio, gate), MIDI for 265 EURO. Doepfer Dark Energy and DSI Mopho you have some new friends.

“The Lancets approach for landing and finally will arrive internationally in August/September 2010.” –

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Smoking Kills (The Horrorist – Electrofied mix) – Millimetric

Smoking Kills (The Horrorist-Electrofied Mix) – Millimetric by thingstocome

Here’s a clip of a remix I just finished for Millimetric. I played it live in Stuttgart and it past the club test so it’s in his inbox. From a production standpoint your hearing Vermona DRM-1 drums through Izotope Trash, white noise crashes from a Yamaha CS5, the 90’s T99 or 80’s Vomito Negro sample is in an Ableton Simpler going through various Sugar Bytes Effectrix presets. My vocals are through a Shure KSM32 and Wavearts plug-ins.


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Korg Monotron Analog Synthesizer

You’re looking at a tiny ANALOG synth from Korg called the Monotron. Those in the synth lusting world understand how interesting it is that Korg has released this. You see it’s been a while since one of the classic large Japanese electronic instrument making released a truly analog noise maker. Let’s hope this is the start of more. The best part of this little box? It the same filter as the MS-20.

“Analog synthesis returns, in the legendary KORG tradition Korg is no newcomer to the joys of analog synthesis. Back in the 1970s, our astounding fully polyphonic PS-3000 Series and our affordable semi modular MS Series set the bar for creative musicians around the globe. Surely one of the most popular of Korg’s analog synthesizers was the coveted MS-20, famous for its dynamic sound creation capabilities and its fat, snarly, expressive filter. Kept popular by dance and electronic artists, this legendary MS-20 filter came back to life using the Component Modeling Technology in Korg’s Legacy software collections. Now you can experience the glorious, evocative MS-20 filter along with true analog synthesis in Korg’s new monotron Analogue Ribbon Synthesizer!!” –

It will be available in the summer with an MSRP of $85.00.

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Electric Independence: Gavin Russom

Like myself Gavin returned from Berlin back to the states. Hip Hop, psychedelic music to homebrew analog synths it’s always good to peak into other’s likes and studios!

“Gavin Russom is a wizard, and not just because his long red flowing mane is reminiscent of a medieval alchemist or because he was once a stage magician. The composer and former engineer for dance label DFA (where he earned the “Wizard” moniker) has been making and unmaking synths since a young age. Gavin thinks of the analog machines as works of art in their own right, blending the aural, visual, and the sculptural.” –

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Andromeda MK Drum Machines

Eric Archer creates a large number of original and hacked audio machines. You can see all his devices: click here. One of his recent creations are these mini analog drum machines. Beyond the fact that they sound good and are inexpensive I dig the last music loop he created in the video above!

“This was designed as an experiment of making the most minimal drum machine possible using analog circuitry. Beyond that goal, the design also includes a new feature, IR Sync, which allows a group of these units to all synchronize together and play at the same tempo automatically. Although the sound of one Andromeda Mk machine alone is simple, a group of them together can play more complex rhythms. The complexity of the patterns is multiplied with each additional unit that is added to the network. A maximum of 12 units can be connected in a chain. The Andromeda Mk-1 analog drum machine has a minimal sequencer with sixteen preset patterns, selectable by the red switch block. The pushbutton restarts the patterns. This feature allows you to shift the timing of the rhythm when synchronized with other Andromeda Space Rockers instruments.” –

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Tenori-on with Analog Gear

Novamusik hooks some Tenori’s up to a Vermona DRM-MKIII and a Doepfer A100 Mini System. I don’t love the song they create but this is the way to use Tenori-On’s! Click to 1:06 in the video to see the great action. Thanks Chuck!

“The guys of Nova Musik playing with some new toys that just came in… First thing we thought of? Can we hook these things up to the modular? The answer is yes, and much much more.” –

Do you want a set up like this too?

Today just some Roland TR-606

This morning I had to scan about one hundred energy audit survey sheets collected from our salespersons. Even though I have a nifty (fast!) ScanSnap S1500M I still have only a few minutes for Wire to the Ear before it’s off to the races. I have nothing important musically related in my head so I revert to one of the best things in the world: an analog drum machine. The good old TR-606 is a metal looking and tight sounding box that unbelievable can still be found on eBay for a reasonable price. YouTube and cheap video camera compression works well on the 606’s sound. Someone please tell my wife to throw one of these under my tree this year.

A cool little box! So primitive and cute! The 606 was the percussion side-kick to the TB-303. It even looks like the 303. It stores up to 32 patterns and 8 songs. The 606 allows switching between Pattern Play and Write mode while running – making the 606 the only drumcomputer in the X0X series that can be edited while performing and switching patterns. It is also possible to link up to 4 consecutive patterns in Pattern Play mode. There is only a mono audio output, however there are mods from Kenton Electronics and Analog Solutions that will add individual outputs for each drum tone. The 606 has seven analog drum sounds which are simple, yet great! Kick, Snare, 2 toms, open hat, closed hat, cymbal, accent. The hi-hats are a very tinny electronic sound…” –

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Omega 8 Drums

Omega 8 as a Drum Machine – Quick Behind the Scenes
from Calvin on Vimeo.

Calvin is showing off his great looking Studio Electronics Omega 8 analog polyphonic synth again. This time he teams his orange box up with a Culture Vulture valve distortion unit. For all his audio samples and a full run though of what he did head over to:

“Well, long gone are my TR-909, TR-808, Machinedrum, Xbase09, MFB-502, and I haven’t picked up those D16 plugins yet. So I decided, why not use the Omega 8?” –

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