Amazon’s new MP3 Clips Widget is pretty nice.

I was pleased when took on iTunes in the MP3 selling space. The more competition the better. I am a member of Amazon’s affiliate program. When I suggest a product on Amazon I can add a little snippet of code to the end of the url and if someone purchases the item I get a small cut. You can add your own affiliate code to your own band’s music for sale on Amazon too. This way you make money from the sale of the MP3 and a small bit extra for creating the sale on Amazon. Amazon also gives you a cut of anything else someone buys on their site during the visit that started with the special url. So if someone comes to Amazon to buy your MP3 but then buys a television you make a nice commission.

The great thing about the Amazon affiliate program is that you not only make commissions on the item that you link to from your blog but any item that your referred reader might buy after clicking your link. –

Last week Amazon released a new MP3 Clips Widget. You don’t have to be an affiliate member to create and use them. You can choose any song or album or combination of either to be displayed. If you are an affiliate member it will attach you code to any sale generated by the Widget. The Widget’s come in a few web friendly sizes. Interestingly, your MP3 Clips widget can also be set to automatically display the latest MP3 tracks you purchase on Amazon. Here is a Widget I created for my newest album:

If you hit the play button you can see the cool translucent interface that pops up over the album cover image. The buy links take your directly to Amazon and include my affiliate code. I hope iTunes releases something similar. As of now their affiliate program which is run by Linkshare only lets you attach an affiliate code to an iMix or pre-determined popular albums.

If you want to feature just one song try the mini player. Here is one set with a white background: