Franz Keller’s Radarhead

Multimedia designer Franz Keller has created an iPad app called Radarhead. It’s a rotary sequencer in which you can control the speed, direction and center point. The sounds are represented by colorful 8-bit alien images. It’s fun and well worth the .99 price: click here The video of the band using it below inspires me. This app reminds me of those 80’s puffy stickers mixed with a bit of synthpunk attitude.

“Kinduv a rotary beat sequencer. Looks weird (but cool) at first, but not hard to make interesting stuff if you play around with it for a bit. My fav thing to do is make several constellations of aliens and move the radar guy between them. You can also reverse or speed up the beams by dragging the arrows–don’t just tap on it!” – Milo Cantos (iTunes Review)

What do you think?

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