Now this is Fun

One of the many early Depeche Mode songs I love is called Now this is Fun. It’s a song that reminds me of my own youth. It’s a song that seems like it was easy and fun to make. I could be wrong but I hear a Roland TR-808 drum machine and something like an Oberheim SEM in parts. It first appeared as a B-Side to their 1982 hit See You and then later appeared on the album A Broken Frame. Perfect for a summer Friday.

Here speaks the voice of reason
It’s talking to me loud and clearly
And obviously, it’s something to say

Here comes another sentence
It is relentless, it tries my patience
But neverless, it’s for our concern

We can’t see the benefits
So we’ll ignore it or disobey it
And never say that this is fun

This is real fun
This is fun

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