Way Out Where SynthX

There is a much better video demo of the new SynthX iPad App from Way Out Ware over at Gearwire. Take a look: click here. So far I loved all the Jim Heintz creations including the timewARP 2600 and iSample. SynthX will be in the App store in mid February. “the upcoming Way Out Ware […]


The XILS Lab XILS 3 is a recreation of the EMS VCS synthesizer. It comes in two flavors. There is a LE version for $37 and a version with more features for $181. There is a demo. All versions including the demo require an iLok. There is an extended review of the XILS 3 in […]

ARP 2600

I love the ARP 2600 synthesizer. The mighty Macbeth M5 was a new incarnation (there were differences I know). Software-wise the closest you can get is the TimewARP 2600 from Way Out Ware. To play and hear one in person is to want one. “The ARP 2600 is a semi-modular analog subtractive audio synthesizer, designed […]

A few soft synth patches from Bearnaomh.

Here’s the heads up on some free patches I came across today. They are from a generous person who calls himself Bearnaomh. He has patch sets available for Rob Papen’s Blue, Native Instruments FM7, the Novation V-Station and a set for the Linplug Albino. Grab all of Bearnaomh free patches: click here I believe these […]

Two quick and great Ableton Live File Browser Tips.

Here are two tips to help you become an Ableton Live power user. These are simple things I do while making music with Live that cut down the time between inspiration and perspiration. The Ableton Live file browser is very friendly. You can preview audio clips at the same tempo of your project. You can […]

Interview with Jim Heintz of Way Out Ware.

I had the pleasure of using a Macbeth Studio System’s M5. Some people compare it to an ARP 2600. It does have a similar layout although I personally found the sound to be also Moog-ish. Have you used one? What are your thoughts? I have checked out the M5 a couple of times now. I […]

A video of KikAXXE from Way Out Ware.

The company Way Out Ware created my favorite software synth the TimewARP 2600. It’s a re-creation of an Arp 2600 semi-modular analog synthesizer. They have just released their new toy the KikAXXE and it’s a huge amout of fun! It’s based around a re-creation the Arp Axxe and therefore it has only a single Oscillator. […]