Club Kids Bus Trip

For a few years I was friends with Ernie Glam. I had some interesting times hanging out with him in the late 80s. The video above is quite the mind trip. How Christina is discussed is facinating.

“The Club Kids were a group of young New York City club personalities mostly led by Michael Alig and James St. James in the late 1980s and early 1990s.” – Wikipedia

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Nightclub Research

You have to hear what he says about the “rockstar effect”.

“Yale researches social nightclub behaviour with a particular emphasis on music and how it affects people at an implicit level. With a background in biology, psychology, and sociology, Yale investigates such topics as how music can affect bar sales and people’s ability to multitask, how it determines listening patterns, and how the stock market can affect mood, which in turn predicts the characteristics of popular music.” – TEDxTalks

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Security Rack Screws

If someone is absolutely determined to steal everything in your recording studio chances are they can find a way. However most robberies are less planned and opportunistic. The quick tip of the day is to use Torx style security screws. Basically you replace your rack screws with these so most standard screwdrivers wont work. In most cases your rack itself will be too heavy and wired up steal quickly and the gear will be difficult to remove from it. The set above is available from most pro-audio dealers. So what’s to stop special music studio (or computer server) theives armed with Torx screwdrivers? You can have 100% unique custom screws and bits ordered Better safe than sorry.

“Tamperproof Screw Co. manufactures quality-made security screws that are tamper-resistant and virtually impossible to remove without the proper tools. Tamperproof has many types of security screws to choose from, along with spanners, fasteners, nuts, bolts, and more. Our security screws are tamperproof and are also the toughest and most durable fasteners you can find.” –

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Well these “storyboard” meme things are going around like hotcakes. I think they are pretty funny actually. Here’s a few music related ones.

“A meme is an idea, behavior or style that spreads from person to person within a culture. A meme acts as a unit for carrying cultural ideas, symbols or practices, which can be transmitted from one mind to another through writing, speech, gestures, rituals or other imitable phenomena.” – Wikipedia

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Grammys and Whitney

The music business had a loud weekend. I’ve had a copy of Whitney Housten’s I will Always Love You on my hard drive for years. Even if the song isn’t your style the range she hits smoothly matched with the very sad country lyrics (Dolly Parton wrote the song) is touching. Death to addiction is tragic and as in this case is usually post years of a public downhill slide. Too often the cliche sayings such as, “The higher the highs the lower the lows.” ring true. To die the night before the Grammys certainly adds to the story.

And what about the Grammys? Until last night the last time I watched even a few minutes of the award show was in the 90s. However I was in the mood so I watched the entire 2012 shebang. I was surprised to discover I liked most of it. The overall look was nice and glittery, gold and flashy and they mixed the sound just right for television. You could hear all of the vocal performances clear enough to understand the lyrics. Springsteen’s patriotic song “We take care of our own” was very jock like chanting USA USA but fun. I learned Rihanna has a seductive voice. Host LL Cool J is a major has been but for some reason no one knows that yet. His hosting style is best described as boring. Get a host that’s interesting please. Glen Campbell and The Beach Boys completely showed up the younger bands who lead them onto stage. I used to sing Rhinestone Cowboy when I was a kid. Later I thought it was a song about gay cowboy. I still have no idea what the song is about. The worst performance of the show was Chris Brown. First off why let the woman beater even be on stage it all? I watched the Grammys partly to find out who are these artists I hear when I’m out at a restaurant or clothing store that offend me so much. Yeah Chris Brown is one of those artists. Lady Gaga didn’t win anything which made me happy. I dislike her music too. They gave Stevie Wonder a standing ovation. He can’t see so I’m not sure that made any sense. Taylor Swift was the worst dressed. Clearly she doesn’t live in a shack in Alabama so why try and pretend. Foofighters played a few times. I can’t stand them either except when Dave Grohl sang with Deadmau5. So yes there was electronic music on the Grammys. Of course for David Guetta’s 30 seconds they had some hip hip artist rap over what he was doing (can’t remember who). Unbelievably they had the hand picked fake crowd holding giant glowsticks. Guetta looked retarded smiling and bopping his head up and down. I now he’s happy to be on the Grammys but it was very awkward. You will hear a lot of people talk about Deadmau5’s helmet. That thing was cool but an evil led mask has to be cool no? The animations on it were wicked too. I particularly liked the eyes winking and the shots of him from a far with the big ears moving slowly up and down. Too bad he missed the Grammys being stuck inside the thing unable to see. Nicki Minaj had to be on meth. Her exorcism performance was just plain stupid. Paul McCartney is old but had some good lyrics, “Your going to carry that weight a long time.”. He played two times which was one time too much in my opinion. Finally we get to Adele who won song and record of the year for Rolling in the Deep. There’s little to argue with here because lyrics and melody won. I’ll say it a million times… music inspired by real events in your own life is what makes it. She sings about a breakup and she sings “You’re gonna wish you never had met me”. I bet he felt that last night. Nothing wrong with that.

“We could have had it all (You’re gonna wish you never had met me). Rolling in the deep. (Tears are gonna fall, rolling in the deep). You had my heart inside of your hand. (You’re gonna wish you never had met me). And you played it to the beat. (Tears are gonna fall, rolling in the deep)” – Adele

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SID Machine

Here’s an upcoming box from Mode Machines called SID. Apparently there’s some controversy over it’s design (link). Chris Randall took the photo above at NAMM. It should go for about $600 USD.

“SID is an 8-Bit desktop synthesizer with a double personality. It’s simplistic layout and ease of use delivers pleasure at the first touch and it’s familiar step sequencer will have you programming patterns and beats in no time. 3 expression knobs control the key features of each Patch for instant results. But don’t let it’s simplicity fool you: The supplied SID STUDIO SOFTWARE enables you to tweak every parameter under the hood! Draw and design your patches with instant feedback from the SID. Also check out the NERD-PANEL, a powerful interactive blueprint which enables you to address the chip one pin at a time – also a great educational tool.” –

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Official Joy Division Micky Mouse Shirt

Disney was selling a Micky Mouse T-Shirt based on Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures album. Could it be some hip/depressed designer working there snuck this into the supply chain? It’s been pulled and therefore I must say these are instant collectibles. They may even fetch some big money on eBay.

“And in even odder news, the Disney Store… was, until today, selling a new t-shirt design based on the iconic Joy Division “Unknown Pleasures” album cover, with Mickey Mouse’s face inserted in those wavy lines. From Manchester to Mousechester!” – Boing Boing

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