Doepfer A-157 Trigger Sequencer

I think my modular system really shines when it comes to drums. The Tiptop Audio 808 modules, hexinverter vcNOIZ and others matched with all sorts of triggers gets me a sharp analog sound matched with patterns I would never make by hand in Ableton. There’s going to be a few nice Gate Trigger Sequencers coming … Continue reading Doepfer A-157 Trigger Sequencer

Doepfer A-101-3 Phaser

Check out the above videos of the Doepfer A-101-3 Phaser. I’m not going to pretend that I understand how it works or even how to patch it. It sounds pretty sick though. $425 USD. “Module A-101-3 is a 12 stage phase shifter with vactrols as phase shifting elements. Our design offers access to each of … Continue reading Doepfer A-101-3 Phaser

Doepfer A-117 DNG

A great recourse of Eurorack module video demos is the blog PatchPierre. This week they posted a great video from Raul Pena which takes a look at the Doepfer A-117 Digital Noise/808 Source. It starts with an audio demo comparing analog and digital noise, shows how the noise can be used as a clock source, … Continue reading Doepfer A-117 DNG

Doepfer Dark Time Sequencer Video

Here’s a great video showcasing the newly released Doepfer Dark Time analog sequencer. To get close to the specs you can read the operation manual here: Dark_Time_Manual.pdf. Deopfer has possibly the best resume when it comes to making analog sequencers and their new release may look simple but it has a lot of advanced features. … Continue reading Doepfer Dark Time Sequencer Video

Doepfer A-100 EBM Sequences

Nothing was better than the underground 80s. Music was way out there lyrically and humans were taming electronic synths and drums in unique ways. I always thought and still feel EBM (Electronic Body Music) was a great genre. The bassline below in these videos are clearly EBM even though they are simply 16th note patterns. … Continue reading Doepfer A-100 EBM Sequences

Dieter Doepfer Totally Wired

Doepfer Sneak Peek from niamhguckian on Vimeo. A wonderful clip from the documentary Totally Wired featuring Dieter Doepfer. It’s nice to know Dieter is listening to his fans on the Doepfer Yahoo Group. We also finally know the reason why Doepfer modules are silver. Check out all the amazing modules from Doepfer at: An … Continue reading Dieter Doepfer Totally Wired

Great Doepfer Dark Energy review.

Nick over at put up this great Doepfer Dark Energy review. I’m liking the HD look Nick! I didn’t realize how good this little synth is. This joins the Dave Smith Mopho and the Analogue Solutions Semblance in the “hot little inexpensive real analogs with Midi” category. If you don’t need a poly keyboard … Continue reading Great Doepfer Dark Energy review.

Doepfer A-196 Phase Locked Loop Module.

First night with the PLL from Peter Speer on Vimeo. Peter Speer of Colonial Recordings USA shows us his first night with a Doepfer A-196 Phase Locked Loop Module. I enjoyed following the signal path around in this video. I also think these are some of the types of sounds have that slight edge you … Continue reading Doepfer A-196 Phase Locked Loop Module.

The Doepfer A-189-1 Voltage Controlled Bit Modifier.

There is a fantastic new Doepfer module expected to be released in May. The A-189 Voltage Controlled Bit Crusher / Modifier makes some serious noise. It has a A/D converter which takes your incoming signal and makes it digital. Once in the digital realm it reduces and shuffles the bit order of the incoming sound. … Continue reading The Doepfer A-189-1 Voltage Controlled Bit Modifier.

The Doepfer R2M Midi Ribbon Controller.

A few weeks ago I walked out of my apartment in Berlin and down Schönhauser Allee to Alexanderplatz. At Alexadnerplatz sits one of the coolest analog synthesizer stores in the world called Schnieders Buero. It’s full of amazing toys and Herr Schneider loves to show them all to you. At Schnieder’s I got focused on … Continue reading The Doepfer R2M Midi Ribbon Controller.