The Underground is Massive

The Underground is Massive

There is a new book by Michaelangelo Matos called The Underground is Massive which goes into great detail on the emergence of the techno scene solely in the United States. I am quoted and mentioned a few times and so far (I just read a few chapters) I think he’s got it right.

“Joining the ranks of Please Kill Me and Can’t Stop Won’t Stop comes this definitive chronicle of one of the hottest trends in popular culture—electronic dance music—from the noted authority covering the scene. It is the sound of the millennial generation, the music “defining youth culture of the 2010s” (Rolling Stone). Rooted in American techno/house and ’90s rave culture, electronic dance music has evolved into the biggest moneymaker on the concert circuit. Music journalist Michaelangelo Matos has been covering this beat since its genesis, and in The Underground Is Massive, charts for the first time the birth and rise of this last great outlaw musical subculture.”

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  1. I think that to call it the “last great outlaw musical subculture” would be a stretch. We don’t know what future of music holds for us. Maybe it’s something better or maybe worse. Nobody knew about techno before the 1980’s. But then it gained popularity eventually. Now, techno music is the main attraction of parties and concerts. Getting high and dancing like crazy on techno music is commonly seen in the clubs and parties these days.
    Also, as a composer, I know that how difficult it is to train your ear for techno. I get a lot of help from Ear Training HQ Blog, but you have to be on top of your game when you are in the music composition business.

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