Interview with Reade Truth

Reade Truth

As part of the build up to the big event I am throwing and performing at there will be a series of interviews with all the Live Acts and DJs. Here is one with Reade Truth. I have known him since the late 80s. Hear Reade spin a special set on December 5 at Cameo (93 N 6th St, Brooklyn, NY 11211) along with DJ Blackwidow, DJ Andi and live performances by Vomito Negro, The Horrorist, Nervous Gender and Love Pig! You don’t want to miss this! Enjoy the interview:

You told me you had about 12,000 records and recently paired it down to the best 7,000. Is your catalog on Discogs? In your home what is your method of cataloging and finding releases. For example alphabetically or by genre?

yes 99% of my collection is documented on discogs. i am one of the original catalogue freaks, back in the day i had a handwritten notebook, keeping track of every label, trying to find out what R&S records were missing etc. those notes became the sonic groove database, which was the source, pre-discogs. lotta heads tell me they swear by my catalog system, which is based on my personal beliefs, its hard to define.. but, separate 70s, 80s from 90s and up. go chronologically in order of importance by city / label but make exceptions for key artists, keep them with their cities…. techno shelves start with chicago, than detroit and new york. there is like 5 rows for berlin. uk, those peeps were always mental. so, they have their own shelf, lol.

i paired down because its unlikely that i will be able to play or listen to everything before i die.sounds nihilistic i know. but actually its very realist. i am honing in on the records i really want to identify with permanently.

You also make music. Tell us about it.

the music i make. what is it. nobody can say. thats cuz i dont make music, i make art. i dont care about trends or styles or promotion or anything. its always been personal and mostly to document my life experiences, sometimes maybe thats obvious…. and lately my earlier releases are getting a lot of hype. anyway, i am very happy that i dont sound like anyone else. its electronic, its techno its house, yes, but its dark, unsettling, abnormal. great.. i think in reality its industrial. thats what i have always identified with. identifying pain and synthetically trying to explain it. sonic groove, n-syde, planet e put out a lot of classic RT sounds.

You’re a life long New Yorker. A group of young cool record executive types are coming from Berlin to NYC for the first time. They tell you they want to get in trouble. They arrive Friday afternoon and leave Monday morning. What’s the schedule?

guys from berlin coming here? either get a time machine and go back to 1991 – robots, building, pyramid, limelight, world, etc….. or just stay close to me, the horrorist or both of us… haha

Would you rather spin at a large festival or a small club?

i prefer festivals. i want to play longer sets, in the middle of the morning, for people who are totally losing their shit, outdoors. YES, no contest, fuck 4 am, 6 am whatever am it is, LETS KEEP GOING!!!!

You worked at the legendary Groove records. We all know what an amazing place that was and the history. Tell us something else about your time there. Maybe about the day someone tried to steal a record? What was the protocol? Give us something we don’t already know.

i managed for bones and adam x at SG for 5 or 6 years. was an interesting decision. straight outta college i first did promo for Front Line Assembly, than I ran NovaMute promo, than eventually for Antler-Subway. but i got sick of that, and wanted to b not isolated to one label but filter everything thru to the people and it was a great experience. the modern era simply doesnt compare to a record store experience back then. when someone tried to steal a record, which was often, we were all so passionate we often went nuts. adam has multiple stories lol. once, abe duques wife suzanne broektsch alerted me and jon turi to a theft, we came upstairs and forced him outside. i bodyslammed the kid on the sidewalk. everyone was shocked. me too! for love of music i guess! bring the record stores back, downloading mp3s is BORING.

The big event December 5:

Stepper Acid

Transitor Sounds Stepper Acids

There has been a Eurorack module I’ve been watching develop on the Muffwiggler forums (link) that I have been watching. It’s called Stepper Acid from Transistor Sound Labs and it has just recently become available. It’s a sequencer somewhat influenced by the Roland TB-303. However the Stepper Acid has quite a lot more to offer. Watch the video above to see all it’s features. I love that it has a built in quantizer to pitch the sequenced lines. It looks amazingly intuitive with almost no menu diving and it’s beautifully designed!

“Stepper Acid is a 16-step Eurorack sequencer module designed with live performance in mind. Designed by and for musicians, Stepper Acid was born out of our need for a modern step-sequencer. Dual microcontroller design ensures tight timing: one runs the sequencer, the other the front panel interface.” –

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I am pleased to announce a very special event! For the first time ever in NYC: Belgian band Vomito Negro will take the stage and perform live! The pioneers in EBM (Electronic Body Music) are preparing something incredible for you. Also for the first time ever in NYC the notorious early 80’s LA synthpunk band Nervous Gender will play live! Nervous Gender are one of the most unique genre busting acts out there. I (The Horrorist) will also be performing LIVE a very, VERY special show! This is more than just the seriously crazy live shows though. DJ Andi, Reade Truth and DJ Blackwidow (from Philadelphia) will turn the fantastic Cameo Gallery venue into one serious night in NYC. There will be a rare vinyl & collectables market and this event is FREE! Feel the heat!

“Who’s your master? Who’s your slave?” – Vomito Negro

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