TOM Glitch vs TR-8 Scatter

Sometimes things seem to change however often they are just the same. I absolutely adore my Sequential Circuits TOM and indeed also my Roland TR-8. Check out the interesting video above showing TOMs glitch mode vs one of the TR-8’s Scatter modes.

“I drive Glitch Sound in Sequential TOM, I compared it with Scatter of Roland TR-8.” – Yokushe

For more info:


  1. I just picked up the System-1. The scatter on that changes the arpeggio groove. I had not realized that until I purchased it but it’s pretty cool.

    Here’s my little first impression review…

    I’m still digging into it as it’s my first hardware synth but I am pretty happy with it so far. Next I would like to pick up the TB-3 I think to take advantage of the sequencer and have a nice little acid box to use live instead of ABL2.


  2. I’m really confused… Have you found a way of separating the Kick from the scatter on the TR8??? Listening to that recording the kick remains constant throughout the scatter and that has been my one bugbear! How’d you do it???


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