Peppermint Lounge

Since we are waiting to hear the Roland Aira to see if they will deliver a new TR-808 here’s a classic track featuring the king of drum machines. Perfect High from Peppermint Lounge has the elements of an early 80s new wave track I love. Sad lyrics, meloncholy arpeggiators, pads, stuttering samples, vocoder and a TR-808. Produced by Jörg Burckhardt and written by Matthias Elvers in Germany in 1983

“Because getting high was all he cared to do.” – Peppermint Lounge

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  1. Awesome track man.

    Got a copy recently on Discogs for around 50 Euro.

    A bit expensive (for my budget at least), but god damn it was worth it.

    I am so in love with this song.


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