Melody Mill

Critter & Guitari is going Eurorack with the Melody Mill. Besides looking really cool (who doesn’t like those buttons!) it is a very useful 39HP. Read the quote below for a taste of what this can do. I am considering this one for sure. $360 USD.

“The Critter & Guitari Melody Mill is a note generation control module for Eurorack modular synthesizers. It contains a keyboard, CV outputs, CV clock input, built-in arpeggiators, a sequencer, and MIDI capabilities. Use the CV output to control oscillators. Connect your MIDI controller or computer into your modular setup using the MIDI input. Play notes, record and playback sequences and arpeggios on your favorite modules. Convert MIDI clock into CV pulses. Clock the arpeggiator with an LFO for strange melodies. ‘Hold’ notes for drones. Connect the built-in square wave oscillator directly to a filter or an amp.” –

For more info:

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