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Even though I use Ableton as my main DAW for over a decade I was in love with Cubase. I went to the Steinberg user group in NYC and wrote many of my great songs using Cubase. Steinberg has always been one of the most innovative music software companies and lately they are shining again. Cubasis for iPad is amazing and with the power of the iPad Air it’s actually a viable way to make full on tracks. Steinberg also showed off a little recently by adding Leap Motion tech to Cubase allowing you to wave your hands in the air Minority Report style to control your DAW. They just released Cubase 7.5 and one feature I really think is stellar called TrackVersions. TrackVersions allows you to create different versions of parts in a neat manner. One “trick” I use when making music is to always try out 4-5 things per transition or part. I love the idea of being able to keep this different options labeled and inside the track. With Ableton I end up with a very long page full of muted ideas.

“Create, rename and manage parallel versions of the same track or tracks and use them to compare takes or create alternative versions of your recordings while keeping all track settings. Interfacing perfectly with existing track handling features like lanes, the flexible new TrackVersions feature will significantly speed up your workflow when working not only with audio but also MIDI, instrument, chord, tempo and signature tracks.” –

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  1. Track Versions – “remove unused media” doesn’t really get rid of the older takes, which on one hand is good (cause we don’t lose important thing) on the other hand since switching to 8 from 6.5 and using track versions (I still call them “playlists” from my PT background smile emoticon my projects are huge in size.
    How do we remove completely, delete, older wav files that are hiding inside a previous track version?
    When creating a back up copy, and choosing “remove unused media” “minimize files” etc, I still get the older versions underneath,,,
    * (and don’t want to go one by one… I’m dealing with 12 tracks of drums and more. It should be done somehow in batch, 1-2 clicks)

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