As strange as it may seem I do most of my music discovery these days on YouTube. There’s no easier way or better place to find 80s synthpop demo cassettes. Google’s recommended videos on the right side of the page and people’s Playlists are very smart, accurate and change often. I also believe if you do not put your own music on Youtube someone else will. I would rather have the image I want as the still, control the links under the song and maybe allow monetization so I decided to start posting my full songs there. I came across a very useful website to help me do this called TunesToTube. It’s a very simple helper site that you upload a still image and an MP3 and then it combines them and posts them to Youtube in HD. It does this very quickly. It will store your still image making it easy to upload an album’s worth of tracks. If you donate a few dollars it will remove the watermark. Last night I uploaded my latest album Fire Funmania effortlessly.

“What does TunesToTube do? It lets you upload an MP3 to YouTube. You upload an MP3 and an image to the TunesToTube server, it will combine them and create an HD video. Once the video is created, the YouTube API is used to upload it to your YouTube channel – this all takes around 20 seconds! Who is the site for? This site should be ideal for producers or musicians looking to promote their new music, or recording studios who need to upload samples of their artists’ new material to YouTube.” –

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  1. that looks v handy – I been meaning to put all my tracks up on youtube for a while, but I think the ‘plan’ to make videos for all of them before I do might have been a bit optimistic o_O, so I’ll do this in the meantime :).

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