Introducing RØDE Rec 2.8 from RØDE Microphones on Vimeo.

I ordered an iPhone 5s. Since I have so many Apps installed on my 4s I decided that when the new phone arrives to start fresh and only install Apps I really use often. My go to recording App has always been FiRe by Audiofile Engineering. I was thinking that I never notice FiRe being updated so I decided to do a little research and I discovered that FiRe was in the hands of RØDE. The new App RØDE Rec adds a bunch of new features and a new iPad version. One of the best things about FiRe/RØDE Rec is the large real time audio waveforms. I have had a lot of trouble recording my live shows. Even with a Limiter and concert settings on using various portable mics I always get distortion. I’m going to try using RØDE Rec on my iPad next time because I will clearly be able to “see” if I’m distorting in advance. The iXY mic they sell looks good but I will wait until they have a version with a Lighting connector. RØDE Rec is $5.99

“RØDE Microphones is excited to announce the next iteration of its ?eld recording app for Apple’s iOS devices, RØDE Rec. This update, released to the app store today as a free upgrade, has a number of enhancements including a dedicated iPad interface, MP3 publishing and support for ten different languages. RØDE Rec has been incredibly well received since its launch in January of this year, where it was the only app on the market to allow for recording at 24-bit/96kHz (using RØDE’s iXY stereo microphone). This is the ?rst update since RØDE acquired the FiRe app from creator Audio?le Engineering, and signals RØDE’s intention to provide not only the best ?eld recording app for mobile devices, but a platform that rivals dedicated audio ?eld recorders.” – promusicapps.com

For more info: rodemic.com/software/roderec

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3 thoughts on “RØDE Rec”

  1. my perception is USB microphone = latency. Is that your experience?

    also, this is tangent now but… would love to get rid of the computer for performing live, is any ipad DAW good enough to bounce down from Ableton -> app? I don’t think anything out there is.

  2. Agreed – røde rec is currently the best 2-track recorder for iOS because it has controllable input gain. Strange that no one else has thought of this critical feature. More iOS developers should experiment with unique ways to edit audio utilizing the touch interface. Something new will catch on soon- there has to be a new paradigm in there somewhere!

    I can vouch for the iXY – it is really an impressive device for the money. I’ve recorded a few live shows and band rehearsals with it and have been able to make good quality mixes with a little mixing in a DAW. As you mention, the big problem is the 30-pin connector…some manufacturer has got to figure something out for the Lightning connector! Hopefully Alesis or Behringer will upgrade their docs for the new iPad Air and all will be well with the world again.

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