Fix a Dented Speaker Cone

I remember when most speakers had metal grill covers. I’ve never dented my own speaker cones but here’s a CNET video showing a few tips on how to fix a dent. I would have used Scotch tape but I’m guessing it doesn’t work?

“Did someone poke in the center of your speaker? CNET’s Donald Bell shows you how to take the dents out of a damaged speaker dust cap.” – CNETTV

For more info:


  1. I’ve successfully used the vacuum before. I have one with variable engine speed so I start on low suction and keep a little distance from the cone. I reckon your chances of destroying the speaker are slim. That, or I just got lucky a few times.


    1. I bet this is one case a Dyson would be bad.


  2. When I worked for Alesis, the silk tweeters would often be pushed in when you saw Monitor Ones in dealer visits. It actually didn’t affect the sound but it looked bad. So we would have to do the “tweeter suck.” You make sure no one is watching, press your lips against the tweeter, and suck it back to a dome shape. I did this many times.


    1. haha… you beat me to it – that’s literally how i fixed the tweeter dome on the monitor one’s i picked up last month.


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