Elgam Carousel

I just set up an eBay alert for an Elgam Carousel. You could really call this a vintage groovebox. It would go nicely with my Omnichord! Pretty machine.

“The CAROUSEL is an interesting analog preset rhythmbox with accompaniment made by Elgam, Italy. It has rhythm (like the Elgam Rhythm Match series), bass, chord and 3 arpeggiators! Rare, obscure and very interesting!” – AnalogAudio1

For more info: wikipedia.org/wiki/Groovebox


  1. Wolfram Benchunfreightz July 31, 2013 at 2:16 pm

    Get a midified Roland cmu-800r / cmu 810 combo.. sounds the same, but better….
    If you wanna keep it oldschool dont midify it, but than you need to control it via Apple IIe…
    the 800 goes cheap on ebay… the 810 is more rare and fetches for way more… 800 has 8 cv 8 gate outs… 810 has cv in for alot of stuff..


  2. Wolfram Benchunfreightz July 31, 2013 at 2:21 pm

    800r doing some synthpop..800 has drums, a bassline channel, chord channel, and lead channel..

    810 doing acid controlled by 100e seqs


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