Acidlab Robokop

Well now what’s this? The sequencer from a Roland TR machine in Eurorack format that’s what! It’s pretty isn’t it? This is the new Acidlab Robokop. With all the Tiptop and other modular drum modules you can now build the world’s greatest drum machine. If you don’t want to program beats be sure to check out the wild new Tiptop Trigger Riot (I have one coming to me this week via Control!).

“ROBOKOP is the MIAMI-Sequencer as a module with 12×16 patterns and 12 Trigger-Outputs.” – Acidlab

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  1. this produces drums? just read trigger outs :) looks nice


  2. Kaiser Von Benchunfreightz July 1, 2013 at 10:32 am

    Its cool, but its 2013…. just make a damm analog computer with alot of I/O.


  3. What, no shuffle?


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