New York City Club Scene 1984

In the video above you see the emerging dance scene in NYC. If you ever listen New Order’s Confusion and thought wow this is well produced and really works well in a nightclub now you can know the reason. Producer Arthur Baker tells how he tested the track in club specifically to sound good there. At that time most music heard even in clubs had melody and lyrics. At 13:58 in the reporter amazingly has an epic thought and asks Baker if he thinks if eventually dance music will just be rhythmic without vocals or melody. He knew the future!

“The other question is what would be the next? Because things are becoming more and more rhythmic. Do you think we will end up with just complete rhythm records with no melody whatsoever?”

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  1. Hee, you realise the reporter is Jools Holland, major media bigshot over here (UK)? Pianist in early Squeeze yada yada… maybe he doesn’t have that high a profile in the States?

    Whatever, sure I saw this clip when it was first broadcast on The Tube, cool stuff for sure.


    1. No I don’t know who he is… interesting though!


  2. Yep, Jools Holland is an eminent plinky plonker here in the UK


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