Klinik – Nautilus

Running through a fierce sandstorm in the middle of some futuristic war. Lighting flashes and laser beams blast around you. That’s what I see when I hear The Klinik’s Nautilus. Total masterpiece!

“Pioneer Belgian EBM/Industrial band. Consisted of Marc Verhaegen and Dirk Ivens, original line-up also included Erik Van Wonterghem.” – Discogs

For more info: wikipedia.org/wiki/Klinik

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8 Responses to “Klinik – Nautilus”

  1. Anders Karlsson via Facebook says:


  2. Anders Karlsson via Facebook says:


  3. omg… that’s no sand… it’s an intelligent metal dust swarm! noooooo!

  4. Ste Ven via Facebook says:

    Meine Empfehlung, Klinik – Talking to a Stranger; Plague; Murder; No Time to Win…

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