Ride Through Tallman Park

Last weekend I hooked up my bike rack an went to my mothers house to ride through Tallman Park. In typical New York fashion the weather recently went from winter to almost summer instantly. Trees that were brown skeletons rapidly turned into bright beautiful green forests. Most people that don’t live in the area have no idea that surrounding Manhattan are some amazing beaches and parklands. It was just slightly raining and as you can hear in the soundcloud clips above Robins, Sparrows and other birds were really enjoying themselves. Rain usually brings a snake or two out onto the paths. I was not disappointed when I came across a giant 4 foot black rat snake. I also saw a few Turkey Vultures and there were Chipmunks all over the place.

“Tallman Mountain State Park comprises wooded country on the easterly slope of the Palisades uplands overlooking the Hudson and Piermont Marsh, which lies between the river and the slope. The marsh is part of the Hudson River National Estuarine Research Reserve.” – nysparks.com

For more info: nysparks.com/parks/119/details.aspx

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