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Skinny Puppy’s new album is about to be released. Like a lot of old Industrial or EBM bands I lost faith that I would hear much new stuff that I would be interested in. However, when I heard the song 101 (2011) by the SP related Ohgr project I knew somewhere the old fire existed. Well here we have the new album Weapon and Skinny Puppy bought some of their old equipment back, dusted off other toys left in closets and return to their roots. You can hear a full preview of the new album at Revolver Mag (link). Listen to the songs Wornin’, saLvo and the new version of Solvent and you are transported.

“Wow! Sounds like Skinny Puppy again.” – Alexis Latorre

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3 thoughts on “Skinny Puppy – Weapon”

  1. The recent albums they’ve done since re-forming have been a bit hit & miss. The Greater Wrong Of The Right was decent. But Mythmaker and HanDover were just ok. I’ve actually enjoyed the ohGr albums more than the recent Puppy ones I think. Still, as a life long Puppy fan, I’ll certainly get Weapon and I’m kinda looking forward to it actually.

  2. My god its full of stars! The headphone magic returns totally enjoying this. New re-release of doubting thomas is tasty as well………….
    Deep down trauma hounds run to corrode

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