Devine Noises

If you want to see a huge amount of modular synth patched together and sounding like a few hundred television sets falling down a flight of stairs start following Richard Devine. I’m not certain I would listen to his “music” while driving or even be able to pick out one composition and say this is one I love. However, as a movie soundtrack or in the elevator going up to the top of One World Trade center I think it’s perfect.

“Richard Devine is an Atlanta-based electronic musician and sound designer. Devine has designed sound patches for NI’s Absynth, Reaktor, Battery and Massive. He has also scored commercials for Nike, Touchstone Pictures and engineered and performed his own music worldwide.” – Wikipedia

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3 thoughts on “Devine Noises”

  1. Richard Devine is great car music.. unless you’re a pussy. and putting “music” in quotes is kinda dickish isn’t it?

    1. Hey be nice I like Richard’s music a lot and I’ve told him so a few times. I say music in quotes only to point out it’s not your traditional verse/chorus stuff. I still don’t listen as I drive mostly because I would probably get into an accident but I appreciate what he does and that’s why I posted it here. I’m also looking forward to seeing him perform this summer.

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