Traktor Remixing

I’ve been using my Traktor S4 a lot lately. Besides preparing for some upcoming DJ gigs I’ve been learning about the Loop Recorder and Remix Decks. I was surprised how fun these tools are for remixing songs on the fly. You have a lot more control in Ableton but with Traktor you kind of do things live and in real time. Watch the video above for an idea of what I am going on about.

“Watch and learn how to use the Loop Recorder as the main tool to build quick and powerful Remix Deck Sets.” – Mad Zach

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  1. I’m not a DJ and I don’t know a lot about DJ’ing, but this looks complicated.. These days you have so much options to choose from as a DJ.. The basic mixing with 2 sl1200’s and a Dateq XTC are long gone… I dont know if I enjoy mixes in a club with all this high tech stuff as much as I did in the 90’s. Back then I had a good time too..


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