The Air We Breathe

What we have here is one of Depeche Mode’s earliest recordings. Some say is Vince Clarke on vocals however I’m not certain. YouTube commenters also say Fletch is the one playing the bass. What a great version and it shows right out of the gate these guys had “it”. I love how when the vocal “Resurrect, as a feeling…” comes in the first time it’s off/minor and then they sing it straight right after to show it’s power. That part is just wonderful. It also comes to a great crescendo towards the end.

“Resurrect, as a feeling, on my window, Of a past reunion.Resurrect as a feeling on my window Of a past reunion. Mission of a picture like the city and the air we breathe. The air we breathe. Air we breathe” – Depeche Mode

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9 thoughts on “The Air We Breathe”

  1. First of all.Everybody is right.The latest version of this song is only called Icemachine.This Demo version is called the air we breath.

  2. Intresting – this version has a different baseline and rythm than the final version. Also the end cresendo is different. Cool!

  3. This has always been one of my very favorite songs of their’s!! I fist found and still LOVE the live version B-side from when I was DJing back in ’89(!). Thanks for this nugget… ;-)

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