Musik für Mittwoch

Here’s two interesting 80s cassette demo YouTube finds. Both are from a UK cassette called “Orgies In Synth”.

“Taken from the cassette entitled “Orgies In Synth”, which contains only music from bands on the “Insane Music” label : Pseudo Code, Bene Gesserit, Human Flesh, I Scream, Subject and Cortex. It was released in 198? in UK by “Music For Midgets” label.” – NikoletaGeistesblitz

For more info:


  1. 2nd video sounds so much like cabaret voltaire, 2×45 era


  2. There is something glorious and emotionally potent about the combination of vintage synthesizers, experimental song structure and a little tape hiss.
    Love this stuff.


  3. I love this! moody shit! reminds me of Drexciya.
    Also reminds me of some cassette rips I have from an old electronic magazine, Full of cool adds and user demos from back then.


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