Sometimes it’s good to go into the studio with no purpose other than having fun. Verloren is the German word for lost and so I did loose myself in this a bit. Ableton records my Eurorack synthesizer stuff. Hope you enjoy it as I did making it.

“in den Anblick verloren sein – to be lost in contemplation” –

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7 Responses to “Verloren”

  1. Gabriel says:

    :D You are lost in the contemplation of the desktop wallpaper from your first picture. FUNNY!

  2. Tanzkonsol says:

    ‘Verloren’ also means lost in Dutch……we inherited so much from our German neighbours. Great title for a track I must say…

  3. das kenn ich . . .verloren in der Welt der Muse und Kreativität.
    i know that . . .lost in the World of artwork .
    wie ich sehe ,hat dich die Zeit in Berlin geprägt und du Erich erinnerst dich gern ;-)
    Kind regards from good old Germany
    Der Amphred

  4. tokyojoe says:

    Oliver, which module are you using to mix the tiptop drums? Also, what clock source do you use to drive them?

    • Hi… I’m using a Manhattan Analog “Mix” as a mixer and I have an Innerclock Sync-gen iils which syncs my computer to the modular but also has Trigger outs which I am using to hit the drums.

  5. Hollywood says:

    sounds sweet, what a lovely setup

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