Zero to Deactivate

I was looking in the menus of Ableton Live 9 and noticed that there is a keyboard shortcut for Deactivate Clip(s). Highlight a clip and hit the numeric number 0 and it becomes deactivated. Was this there in previous versions of Live? Now let’s get Ninja status ok? Highlight a MIDI note and hit the numeric 0. See that? It works there too! It’s incredibly useful so commit that to memory. Happy music making.

“To deactivate, or mute, a note (or notes) in the MIDI Editor, select it and press [0]. The Deacti- vate Note(s) command will mute the note, making it appear gray in the display. Press [0] again to reactivate notes. You can de- or reactivate all of the notes in a single key track at once by clicking a key on the piano roll and pressing [0].” – Ableton

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  1. Jérôme LeBel via Facebook April 3, 2013 at 10:01 am

    fn+0 on a no numeric keyboard.


  2. “Was this there in previous versions of Live?”
    yes, this was/is possible for clips in live 8 via the systemprefs keycommands – and i could have never lived without. cheers, jc.


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