MFB 712

Here is an interesting find for you all drum machine collectors! How about an MFB 712? It’s a early digital machine with 40 sounds, dynamics and MIDI. The one you see above is on eBay for $300 (link). I really want a 501 if I can find one.

“One of the world’s first digital drum machines. A pioneering piece of electronic music gear from legendary synth designer Manfred Fricke, Berlin. Beautiful in terms of its design and form factor, this drum machine has the same white housing shared by the legendary MFB-501 analog preset drum machine which is next to impossible to find. Used by Conrad Schnitzler, as evidenced by video of him in his studio.” – spinalgrommet (eBay)

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  1. i have a 712. bought it on a flea market 10 years ago, but i never really got into its sounds. a strange punchy snare but poor kickdrums and the rest… hm. but it works well as a midi to trigger converter to sync my jupiter 4. every midi note C5 sends out a impulse on trigger out. and it has this scientific look

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