Waldorf Rocket

I really recommend people grab a hardware synth if they make music. For the same price of a lot of plug-ins you can grab something like the new Waldorf Rocket. In the US it’s about $330. It reminds me a little of the Eurorack module from Synthesis Technology called the Cloud Generator in that it’s mostly based on 8 digital Saw waves. Don’t let the digital part get in your way because bringing hardware into a DAW sounds different then using a plug-in. I also like that this box is small and can run of USB power making it cool to have around a laptop on the go. Sure it isn’t going to give you a enormous range of sounds but I’m all about limitations these days. The Rocket also has an arpeggiator, pulse width modulation and some other niceties.

“Monophonic Synthesizer with Variable Oscillator,Variable Waveshaping, Analog Filter, Arpeggiator, LFO, Modulation Envelope, Boost Circuit, and USB/MIDI I/O” – Sweetwater

For more info: waldorf-music.info/en/rocket-synthesizer


  1. very dirty in a really usable way. for a little more i’d get the mini ms-20 though.. but seeing how space is an issue for me right now this is very appealing. hopefully it does well enough that the pulse 2 will still come out!!


  2. This is gonna be my next purchase. It’ll fit nicely with the Octatrack!


  3. IS it worth the hype? Off Topic: I love your new record and thank you for pressing it as a CD and not onlu download. Off Topic 2: Depeche Mode need a remix by you!


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