Make Noise MMG

Here’s a nice video overview of the new MMG Eurorack module from Make Noise. Like all of Tony Orlando’s Rolando’s creations it has many features and uses.

“A vactrol based Voltage Controlled Filter and Low Pass Gate using our QMMG core. The MMG bridges the Far East and West Coast synthesis styles by allowing for highly resonant acidic squelch and organic, percussive animations to be programmed simultaneously with a single module.” – Make Noise

For more info:


  1. “Like all of Tony Orlando’s creations…”

    “Tie a yellow ribbon round the old Phonogene” does have a nice ring to it…


  2. Really looking forward to the Make Noise Workshop on the 30th. Going to pickup my first euro module while I’m there – although I can’t decide between the MMG and Function.


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