Ableton Live 9 Audio to MIDI vs. Melodyne

Here’s an interesting comparison to see which does a better job at Audio to MIDI. Ableton Live or Melodyne? Whatever you think of the results as much as I love Melodyne and use it it’s not a feature built into Live therefor one step away from instant. I also don’t think you can Audio to Drums like you can in Live. The real killer feature for Audio to Midi is my own whistling or humming to create parts and ideas. Then again if I were deconstructing a full track to redo and remix its part Melodyne woud be essential.

“Some tests to see how Live 9 and Melodyne do when converting various audio clips to MIDI. Conversion of drums was not tested since Melodyne does not support that feature (they have their “Percussive” algorithm but it doesn’t export as multiple notes like Live does).” – thetrappar

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One thought on “Ableton Live 9 Audio to MIDI vs. Melodyne”

  1. Nice comparison, but he doesn’t mention that there is a very powerful note assignment mode in Melodyne. If you know how to work in that mode, you’ll get much better results with complex material. Also, cleaning up note detection and correcting errors is very easy in Melodyne, but impossible in Ableton Live.

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