Roland SH3 CV Modification

Earlier this week I did a post about a band a stumbled across called Kline Coma Xero (read). I decided to give the man behind the band, Tony Williams an old school phone call. We did chat for a while and I discovered he also owns a Roland SH3 and recently modified it to work with CV/Gate. I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while and he promised to post a video showing the mod so here it is above. The SH3 is a really nice sounding synth because it has a proper Moog filter in it (among other things). Moog sued Roland and in response Roland created the SH3-A which changed the filter design.

“A video overview of my Roland SH-3 which I modified using the KENTON SH-3a CV/Gate/Filter mod. I intentionally left off the filter mod due to the fact that the SH-3a has a different filter than the SH-3.” – Tony Williams

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  1. Mr. Chesler, I recently aqquired a Roland SH-3 and am excited at the possibility of restoring this rare piece of music history not to just look at, but to actively use in my studio. I am asking for any help you might be able to provide , as I am in need of the VCO for this SH-3 .Hoping you might have a name or two of companies that sell parts for these vintage synthesizers. I am in California but no stranger to long distance purchasing. I thank you in advance for any assistance you may provide. Gayle McCullough

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