Fire Funmania Compact Disc

I am very please to let you know the USA/Canada version of Fire Funmania is now available on Compact Disc. This follows the already released Digital version. Still to come is the Cassette and limited edition German/Europe 12″ and CD. Thanks again to Maurice Roy for his fantastic graphic design work and Andi Harriman for the photos. To see a full set of photos close up: click here.

“I’m pretty sure this is the most deranged, insane, sexually charged album I’ve heard in a long time. I want to dance and throw punches at the same time.” – djdiamondkutz (via iTunes)

Amazon CD:

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7 Responses to “Fire Funmania Compact Disc”

  1. David Merlino via Facebook says:

    Great artwork, Mr. Horrorist! Congrats ;)

  2. Marcus says:

    Is Out of Line going to distribute the LP Cass& CD over here in Germany\Europe?
    Like I said a few weeks ago,this year starts off good…first this fine release and next month Klinik…I’m still missing a few others but who knows, afterall the year has just started..

  3. Tazz says:

    I’m keeping my wallet right next to me the moment you announce the Cassette version is available for ordering.

  4. Gabriel says:

    Nice artwork!

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