I Love Apple

Fanboy here.

“Apple was established on April 1, 1976, by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne to sell the Apple I personal computer kit. The kits were hand-built by Wozniak and first shown to the public at the Homebrew Computer Club.” – Wikipedia

For more info: apple.com

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7 Responses to “I Love Apple”

  1. Marcus says:

    lol my tv’s a samsung but I aint no fan of any corp anyhow so I don’t care.
    Ever since I saw a documentary about apple and microsoft a few years back I must admit that apple is cooler but unlike many others I think wozniak is cooler than jobs was though.

  2. Marcus says:

    It’s crazy somehow how even something like a tv became part of the (lan)network.
    All sorts of apps and whatnot…
    Useful or not,I love it!

  3. Jerry Crow says:

    I’ve been an Apple fan since 1984. Okay, Samsung sucks but Apple has jumped the shark. I am never giving Apple another dime. At least Samsung is listening to users.

  4. Verred Cohen via Facebook says:

    Apple… too expensive for me !!! So I like and thank Samsung…

  5. ULONIX says:

    I’m a pc user, but i’ve recently bought a mac mini very cheap(core i5, 500gb hdd, 4gb ram, etc)just to know what was like to use a mac…. it has almost the same specs as my dell laptop and for music making i’m a bit dissapointed, it crashes just like a pc and more i think, there are a lot of vst plugins not available for the mac(variety of sound for example, and those rock…), Google Chrome behaves very weird on the mac, to delete apps i need to use a program called “appcleaner” cause the mac doesn’t handle very well deleting programs….. and when i transfer files from a usb hdd to my mac everything turns a bit slow and sloppy. The only good thing about the mac is the integration with my ios devices and icloud, but is just that….

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