Make Noise RXMX

Tony Rolando’s Make Noise Eurorack modules are usually noted as the best or in the top few on people’s lists. The 6 channel RXMX which comes out this summer will surely be awesome for some wild panning, pinging and much more. Thanks to Nick and his team at Sonic State for the video.

“The RXMX is a concept we are working on with Grant Richter. It stands for Richter’s Exquisite Mixer. The concept behind is a to apply the surrealist techniques of the exquisite corps game to patching.” – Tony Rolando (Make Noise)

For more info: and


  1. Not only is Tony’s last name “Rolando” but you erroneously called the module the RXMS in the callout. Need an editor? ;)


    1. Fixed and fixed… thank you. I do most of these posts at 6AM before I head to work so yes and editor would be a good idea.


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