I Love Ikea

Everyone knows I love Ikea. Pretty much everything in my apartment is Ikea. My studio has a great Broder system for my synths. I adore this promotion video they put out last week. In the video they use EXPEDIT, STOLMEN, KVISSLE, FÖRHÖJA and more. Also spotted in this video is an Atari ST and a black cat. They are getting me from every angle here.

“Look at how we helped Harry organise his passion for more than 4500 records and make room for his family life. If you could do with some help storing your things, maybe some of the solutions we used for Harry might help you too.” – Ikea

My Ikea photos: flickr.com/search/?w=14630887@N03&q=ikea


  1. Dirk QuelBordel via Facebook February 5, 2013 at 1:16 pm



  2. Woah,thats pretty cool what they made out of that room.
    I deffinately have to check out those shoe racks.
    Thanks for sharing


  3. Haha, just bought two expedits for my records last week :D


  4. Dude, love this video. Thanks for sharing. Shoe rack for synths??? Genius.


  5. Bobby Wilks via Facebook February 10, 2013 at 12:55 pm

    fav comment: “how a squirley ugly Limey get a hot sexy poofied? hair babe like her? WTF!!!”


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