I Love Satan

Here’s a sample of a remix I did for Al Ferox. He’s a big name in the techno world and does the labels Kobayashi Recordings and Dancefloor Killers. Other remixers for the I Love Satan EP will be RadicalG and Jonathann Cast. The kick, snare and hihat are the Tiptop Audio modular drums. The snare is going through a Plague Bearer. The toms fills are from the UVI Emulation II plug-in. The main synth is Native Instrument’s Razor sequenced by an Audiorealism ABL. I also used a lot of plug-ins for effects including PSP N2O, Sugar-Bytes Tornado and reverbs from Audio Damage and Valhalla DSP. The full EP will be available soon!

“Satan Is god!!!!!!” – Tkuz

For more info: facebook.com/alferox and soundcloud.com/al-ferox-official


  1. Sounds real good,nice!


  2. Never thought of using the abl sequencer for another instrument. Miss all the ableton tips and tricks you used to post on here, it’s been awhile aswell so I’m sure you’ve got a fair amount hidden up your sleeves


    1. Ah yes it’s a great tip/trick. It has MIDI out… you can use it with hardware. On top of that it has a random pattern generator!


      1. Will definitely be trying that out later.


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