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The Postpunk Project is a Kickstarter for a book I want you to contribute to. Last summer I was contacted by a girl named Andi Harriman. She was looking for 80s photos of goths and related culture. I had a few good photos, out of print magazines and boxes of NYC event flyers. I delivered her some high resolution scans. I’ve been watching the book’s progress and I am pretty impressed. It’s going to be a high quality affair named “Some Wear Leather, Some Wear Lace” full of never before published images (some highly paid for) and narrative. Pledges that start at $15 get some really interesting gifts including an 83 Ministry 12″ (I Wanted to Tell Her), Goth postcards (remember getting these are record stores?), the documentary La Peli de Batato, an Alien Sex Fiend 12″, a signed LP from Gavin Friday and Man Seezer of the Virgin Prunes, 7″ from Sisters of Mercy, A signed Vigin Prunes Poster, Clan of Xymox LP from 85, a special digital insert from “Some Wear Leather Some Wear Lace” with additional unpublished photos, Vintage real Winklepickers!… the list goes on including a one of a kind painting from Rikk Agnew (Christian Death, ex-Adolescents). I think it’s important to preserve these photos and stories in a beautiful book. Pledge: click here

UPDATE: Goal reached!!

“The Postpunk Project aims to uncover goths and postpunks that should be displayed on an international level–the original, everyday fans of the scene. Additionally, we aim to highlight bands that shaped the scene but might have been forgotten. Our interviews with original goths and postpunks, and with writers and filmographers of the time enable us to compile a plethora of information on the time period and the scene as accurately as possible. Ultimately, this will result in the curation of a well-designed, high quality art book full of interviews and photographs that carries the name SOME WEAR LEATHER, SOME WEAR LACE. Old and new goth fans will recognize this as a dedication to the legendary line in the a song from Sexbeat–a band that described all the peculiar sides of the ’80s ‘goth’ scene.” – The Postpunk Project

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  1. Hmm. What about the book? Isn’t that the point? Wher is a reward level where you gt he book? Publisher? Why? Just self publish it. The most beautiful volumes I have re all self published. Durtro press of course. I’ve got scads of photos from this era, how to contribute? Would love o see this work, bu a little more on the project and less on ephemera from the age of all good music would be nice.

    BTW, you mde it onto Internet khole.

    1. Hi! Let me answer your questions the best I can. You can preorder the book at the $87 tier called “ORNAMENTS OF GOLD” and all rewards higher than this one includes the book!
      We want a publisher for 1) distribution 2) helping with costs… otherwise we’d have to raise a lot more money. This money will go straight to photographers of the time so that they can get the exposure they deserve. Otherwise we could not afford them.

      I would really love to see the photos you have. Please email me at and we can talk!

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