Korg Mini MS-20

Korg is about to release an all analog reproduction of the MS-20. It’s a little smaller but some of the same engineers that worked on the original are taking part of this project. When I was living in Berlin the 80s new wave band Camouflage had the studio next door to me and owned a MS20. I had the chance one day to play with it and it was real wild, basy and raspy. While the software Legacy version is cool and useful it didn’t come close to the original I used. I suspect that part of it’s wild and dirty nature was that it was old so we will see if the new Mini really has what it takes. It’s expected to be about $800 USD.

UPDATE: $600 USD!! Available in April.

“We can confirm now that the Korg Mini MS-20 is for real, that it’s a new analog mini-synth and that Korg’s engineers have tried to faithfully recreate the circuitry and sound of the original synth classic.” – Synthtopia

For more info: korgusa.com


  1. im thinking to get one of these. Streetprice is about 600€ they say… maybe less when it is released..


  2. i think we can say this is what “synthetic world” was waiting for. :D


  3. hopefully the 800 DV is next in line :)


  4. hopefully the 800 DV is next in line :)


  5. Nice!!! Here’s an all-time-classic that has a a nice Korg MS20 bass line:


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