DODT Aachen

I will be performing live tomorrow night (Saturday, January 19) in Aachen, Germany at Autonomes Zentrum on Vereinsstr. 25. I will be celebrating the release of Fire Funmania, my 43rd birthday and checking out some of the other bands. Those bands include Knothole, Walls & Birds, Cyklop 2019, Vomit Heat (Dj Set) and Big Dada P. I met the promoter Michael Hilgers when I performed in Berlin last summer. He’s an interesting person and most importantly has a good eclectic music taste. I will try and make some posts while I am gone!

“This Is Going To Be Legendary! Ohhh Yeah! It S A Birthday Party!” – Michael Hilgers

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  1. Marco Weening via Facebook January 18, 2013 at 12:09 pm

    how late you will play in aachen !!!


  2. What a cool party.
    Thanks for playing,I had a real good time.
    I have to “take my hat off” to the people who organized the party.Never,ever ever have I paid only 50cent for a bottle of almost 1 litre of water at a party.
    Knothole was a real pleasure too,bloody good music…


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