Buchla Documentary

A Don Buchla documentary is in the works and soon there will be a Kickstarter to help fund the project. I’ve been really enjoying my Make Noise modules which have parts inspired by Buchla design. Recently Buchla, the company went through some changes and we may see some lower cost Buchla products. Another random Buchla thought is that the Buchla Skylab is in my top 5 most beautiful synths of all time. I’m looking forward to seeing this film and learning more about Don.

“A promotional video for a film we’re trying to make about Don Buchla. We’re going to be Kickstarting this film within a month or two. If you’re interested in helping us, please contact us at connie@clarityfilms.org, or check back here for details as they arrive! Make a tax deductible donation to help fund the film.” – clarityfilms.org/purchase

For more info: clarityfilms.org/purchase


  1. “…Disembodied Sounds…This is the Power of Electricity”.
    One just has to like the way it starts.


  2. I love that sound. Mr Buchla is a really friendly looking guy, right? Similar to Bob Moog or Dieter Rahms.
    Big innovators of new ways of design which is still forward-looking futuristic and inspires many people. I like to watch this documentary.

    I’ve enjoyed Mr Buchla and Mr Cortinis performing video “everthing ends here”, too.


    1. Agreed! One of these days I need to sit in front of a Skylab for a few hours.


  3. I am very much looking forward to this documentary. I thought the Moog one was terribly disappointing/lacking. With all due respect: I always found buchla’s designs and philosophy far more interesting than moog’s…


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