Moontan Nocturnal

To be honest I really like the music he’s playing. It’s not techno but I like it better than a lot of other stuff I hear. His speech is pretty awesome too. Anyone know what TV show or movie this is from?

“Nothing can doom this groove.”

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9 thoughts on “Moontan Nocturnal”

  1. My memory is NOT what is used to be. I know I’ve seen that clip before, but the funny thing is that video looks like it should have been made in 89-93. I probably saw it in a preview and remembered it an an older movie.

    Definitely going to watch that one too.

    1. Also the blond guy that Moontan is talking to is James Marshall who played James Hurley, Laura Palmer’s biker boyfriend, in Twin Peaks.

  2. The music reminds me of twitch era ministry. I like it! But it’s also got that GM trade show demo sound all over it! lol. All though that’s great stuff in the late 80’s early 90’s.

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