Tiptop Audio HATS909

For years nothing beat having a real Roland TR-909 or 808. Today I would say the Tiptop Audio modules are even better. Just listen to the Tiptop 909 high hats with some Synthesis Technology E355 LFO destroying them on and off. Such pleasure for someone like me.

The HATS909 is the TR-909’s original Closed and Open Hi-Hats circuits adapted for use in Eurorack modular synthesizer format and was tested to sound like a machine coming fresh off the assembly line back in the 80’s. Improving on the original, we have added some great new features that expand the sound palette of hats that can be produced with this small, powerful module. The original TR-909 circuit is made with a combination of low-fi 6-bit samples that pass through a series of analog elements to provide envelope and filtering to the source sound. The HATS909 module allows for manual and voltage control of the sample’s tuning, which provide anything from crushed hats and short ticks to the original sound and anything in between. A modulation with external control signals or for adding AM or FM synthesis in the audio range from external oscillators, other drum sounds, or just about any sound source. HATS909 also offers a switch for a direct tap to the output of the original sample, bypassing all other internal analog processing, giving you the pure source sound for synthesis any way you want with your own modules.” – ctrl-mod.com

For more info: tiptopaudio.com/ht909

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8 thoughts on “Tiptop Audio HATS909”

  1. sounds really good – damn – you’re close to getting my to buy my first modular…
    dont forget about jomox though
    the xbase delivers great 808/909 sound
    what i dream about is a good analog drum machine with proper modern day sampling – all in one groovebox with step sequencer – like a cross between xbase and elektron octatrack

    1. Me too. Having owned a DOT COM system in the past I’m itching to start a eurorack modular.

      Hey Oliver, any chance of a walkthough video of your eurorack system?

    2. ive been waiting for something like that too. but i think i’m going to cave and get a machine drum or octatrack to sequence my jomox airbase.
      in my perfect world their analog four would be able to sequence midi gear. that would be the ultimate match for the airbase :(

      but yeah this module sounds pretty beast

  2. This vid is directed at analog modelling synths but can be applied to modulars also. Must watch, the guy takes one sine wave, and a noise source and with surgical routing turns them into a full fledge drum machine.

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